Computer Virus Problems of Tomorrow

Since the creation and expansion of the Internet, the world has undergone a revolution in terms of thinking about the term ‘virus.’ A few generations ago, people who knew that word usually associated it with noxious diseases, such as the common cold, influenza or herpes. Yet today, discuss a virus out of context and a listener will wonder if you mean a pathogen, a really, really, really popular video or a malfunctioning computer system.

Unfortunately, in terms of keeping context in perspective, the road ahead does not appear likely to become much clearer in the future. Even as virus jumped from desktop PCs to mobile devices to CCTV Bolton equipment and automated baby monitors, the prospects of virus-infected robots and even medical devices arouse justifiable alarm. Human beings expand in information and knowledge, but does this mean our society gains more wisdom? Today’s virus creators require a huge dose of compassion.